Lucky Sherman and Pete Rose

Ace reporter Acadia on the job again.  Lucky Sherman has more famousness to report on so after the jump check out the new interview.  And yeah, it was before the Super Bowl – so I’m sad  🙁

SG:  Are you going to watch the Super Bowl? Hell, yeah I’m going to watch the Superbowl.

LS: Why wouldn’t I? After all, there’s tight football butts, hot cheerleaders, and entertaining commercials. Not to mention a bunch of oversized sweathogs fighting for control of a single pigskin.

SG: If so, who do you want to win? If not, what are you going to do?
LS: Of course I want the Jersey Giants to win! If I wasn’t watching the Superbowl, I’d probably be reading Superficial Gallery. NOT!
SG: Out of all the “social media” things you do, which is the most fun for you?
LS: As of right now, I’m going to have to say Facebook. It’s just so much easier to network locally. Which means FREE VIP access to everywhere I go in Tampa!
SG: Which one is the most successful, since part of it is to promote your book and…yourself? Like, how does that work? Without sounding too weird, are YOU a product kind of?
LS: I think most of my book sales and networking has come through Facebook – – even some of my musician friends have said the same thing. I know some writers swear by twitter, but twitter makes my brain-matter seasick. As for me being a product….well, I am trying to brand myself! No, I mean it. I’m at a farm right now, standing behind some cow who’s in line to get branded. Oh, dear God. Do you believe it? The cow just shit on my Jimmy Choos.
SG: Do you lol or get mad or sad when you get comments like: “ooh you lik sex mine butt babby 2nigt” on your posts?
LA: I laugh it off. Then think to myself, “No, you pictureless profile pic person you from some other country that I’d rather not name, I will not be coming over to your house tonight to visit you and lick peanut butter off your toes while you shove bananas up my arse and let lil monkeys pee on me. It’s just not gonna happen. Because that’s one goshdarn thing that Bengali girls actually DON’T do.” lmao
SG: Are you more famous than you were last time I interviewed you?
LS: Actually I am. lol. Sometimes I think, “You know what, one day I won’t even be able to pee without someone shoving a camera up my fanny.”
SG: Will I know you have made it when you stop letting me interview you?
LS: You’ll be the one person I’ll still do interviews with once I’ve hit the big time. 🙂 
SG: If I send you a free shirt will you wear it and take a picture?
LS: I will. Unless of course it has Michael Jackson’s monkey Bubbles on it, or Justin Beiber, but if it has Michael Jackson’s monkey Bubbles and Justin Beiber it’ll be okay, I’ll wear it.
LS: Then I guess You’ll get a faceful of boobies.
SG: Kidding, I can’t make transparent shirts. But for reals, what kind of EXCLUSIVE banner pic are you going to do for this interview? Wait, by the time this is read, they will have already seen it. So. Um…think of some other surprise? I can’t do everything by myself. Jeez, you’re lazy.
LS: I have two for ya! One of me and Ron Jeremy or one of me and Pete Rose. Editors note – I used the both – SCORE!
SG: Tell me what your goal for 2012 is and plus what you gots ta plug!
LA: Just my bestselling memoir on Amazon BENGALI GIRLS DON’T. Which shares my life from my birth during Bangladesh’s liberation war to my rebellious days in England as a young girl in the 1980s to my eventual forced marriage. It’s like ‘The Namesake’ on steroids. Or Cinderella in reverse. 
Editor’s Other Note:  I left in all the stuff she sent me after the awesome Ron Jeremy pic.  Jeez, she is like her own Wikipedia!

Praise for Bengali Girls Don’t
“I’ve laughed, cried and relived some of my past through your words. Painfully beautiful.”
— Summer Yasmin, writer and blogger at

“Wow! Bengali Girls DO . . . realize the American Dream, that is. It’s a money-plot with everything desirable in it, tears and laughter and a wonderful ending.”
— André Jute, author of STIEG LARSSON Man, Myth & Mistress

“Your book looks great.”
— Anjali Banerjee, author of Imaginary Men and Invisible lives

“I like the style. Interesting the way she moves backward, forward. I like it.”
— Don Bruns, author of Too Much stuff and Jamaica Blue

“What an interesting–sometimes near tragic–life. The US of A really is a place where dreams can come true . . .”
— Alan Nayes, author of Gargoyles and The Unnatural

“Thank you so much L.A. for sharing your brave story – – thanks for creating awareness!”

–Pamala Kennedy Chestnut, author of More Than Rice

L.A. Sherman grew up in Bradford, England in a strict Muslim family where she learned how to sneak out of the house without making the door creak. At the age of fifteen, she was tricked into going to Bangladesh by her parents and forced to marry a man as old as her father. After four years there with a wicked mother-in-law, she won the visa lottery for America and moved to the Big Apple. Now hard at work on her second book, she lives in Tampa, Florida with her family near a pond full of gators and spends her time doing all the things that Bengali girls don’t.

You can see her speaking about her memoir behind the scenes at the “Grow” music video shoot; outside the Rising Sun music studio, and at the Bradenton Yacht Club in Palmetto, FL.