thewizarddvdSome dude bought a video game for $17,500 last month. The game is a Nintendo game, believe it or not. There is a total of less than 7 minutes of video game on this game. It is, apparently, a huge deal in the Collector’s world, however.

Setting the stage: You ever seen the movie The Wizard? Where Fred Savage is in it and has a brother who kicks ass at video games and they go to play video games in a tournament and tons of dumb shit happens to interfere and then the kid does play video games eventually?

Pretty much that was a true story.

So, back then they had Nintendo Championships or whatever, so you need game cartridges for the event, right? This is such a game cartridge. It is also GOLD. They made 26 of them and so it has ridiculous value.

Hopefully, he spent this 17k to continually play the 7 minute tournament format over and over…