Our Conversation with Mells Bells

Mells is a rookie to the Women in Horror Month Celebration.  Her podcast is called: American Horror Stream

What’s your show about?

 American Horror Stream is a live YouTube broadcast recapping American Horror Story on FX. Co-hosted with the brilliant Acadia Einstein, we talk about that week’s episode while roasting each other. Join for a good time!

What are some of your favorite episodes?

 I may be biased, but all of them are my favorite. It’s always a good time talking AHS with your pals. 

How well do you think horror is represented in the podcast world?

 While I feel true crime is a very hot topic for podcasting, true horror podcasts of substance can sometimes be hard to come by. I feel there is enough out there to get your feet wet in the horror genre, but more is better! 

What about women-led podcasts? In your experience, are they common or rare in horror?

 There are a few women led podcasts that I adore – one being Yikes! Murder and Stuff – but I definitely feel there is opportunity for more female led podcasts in the horror world.

What podcast/podcaster influenced you to begin podcasting and why?

 I started listening to podcasts about three years ago – I know I am a late bloomer! – when I stumbled upon the greatness of Last Podcast on the Left. Instantly I fell in love with the hosts and the subject matter. I started to feel more comfortable in my own skin and I wasn’t even into podcasting at that time. Once I was presented an opportunity by Acadia to come in this elusive world, I felt comfortable enough doing so just because I felt the influence from Marcus, Henry, and Ben. Hail Yourselves!

Inspire someone who is just starting out in the podcast world.

 The beginning can be overwhelming. In fact, it will be. You’ll doubt yourself and you’ll probably try to talk yourself out of doing it a thousand times a day. Don’t. Don’t stop pursuing your dream. Don’t give up. Push yourself until you don’t think you can anymore and then keep pushing. The payoff is worth the hard work. You can do it!

What’s your favorite experience as a woman horror podcaster so far?

 My favorite experience as a woman podcaster has been meeting so many amazing fellow podcasters that I now call friends. The support in the community has been overwhelming, especially support from other women – shout out to Hannah Selector – thank you for encouraging me! It’s this collective body of people that you would have never met otherwise and I am grateful to be right where I am.

What do you have coming up?

 In the off season for AHS, I’ve had a guest spot on Yikes! Murder and Stuff with Jen Sandwich (another amazing female podcaster) and will be part of the reboot of Strangeful Things. I have several projects for Superficial Gallery’s YouTube account coming up so go subscribe and hit the bell for notifications when new content becomes available!