Disembodied lips are also scary in Mexico. No! Stay away lips with no teeth! But in Spanish.

You know how kids believe anything?  Like, you can tell a kid about Big Foot and they will believe you cause they never heard any contrary opinions about Big Foot?  Or how they get scared of shit that isn’t there and could never be real?  Well, I guess you can trade all your kids in for grown up Mexicans cause according to this video they are scared of a skeleton on a dirt bike.

Not Ghost Rider.  I mean like a med school skeleton with a flappy mouth and a motorcycle with training wheels and a Mexican dude who yells Boo in Spanish at people.  And they run like Satan was after them swinging their mom’s face around on a piece of barbed wire that he pulled out of Jesus’ fence of holiness.  And do you see how stupid that simile is?  Well, that’s nothing compared to the stupidity of this minibike skeleton.

If any of you speak Spanish, please tell me what this dude is saying.  And also – the fact that it is a TV show means that Mexico greenlit a segment where a minibike skeleton scares people while they walk down the street next to a giant wall.  Is that the wall to a cemetery?  Why the fuck is it so tall?  Do they bury their dead with catapults and are scared of catapulting zombies?  Fuck you, Mexico.  Explain yourself!