Editor’s note – apparently a very waterlogged Ian sent this into pending articles days ago and “notified vange”.  Therefore, the lateness of the posting and any damage from the floods that has occurred since the 4th is because of Vange and her hatred of Tennessee.  And America.  And babies. Or else she thought: “Ian has internet so how bad could it be?” and then went back to stabbing America with a Tennessee baby. — Acadia

We aren’t often serious here at the Gallery, but sometimes we have to be. I haven’t been writing here lately, but right now I am here to ask for help. I live in Clarksville, TN. You may have heard of us, you know from the Monkees’ song, Jimi Hendrix lived here, Fort Campbell shares our city, and oh yeah we are under water. Between here, Nashville (the hardest hit,) and surrounding counties at least 20 people are dead, thousands displaced, and we are barely getting any coverage on the national news. The Cumberland River is still over 15 feet above flood level in Clarksville and is receding slowly, but worringly we are expecting more rain this weekend. Please spread the word and donate when you can. There is so much we need, if you can send food, blood, blankets, water, or anything. We will make it, but we aren’t proud so help us along if you can. I have included links to the coverage from Nashville and Clarksville as well as the American Red Cross and Hands on Nashville. Thank you all.