Who can forget Morganna the Kissing Bandit who plagued many a baseball player in the ’70s and ’80s? She started with Pete Rose in 1971 and from then on, no ball player was safe. She traveled all over and stole a kiss from all kinds of jocks. Hell, she even had her own trading cards and made big time bank as an exotic dance from Vegas to Houston. She even made it on to The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Well why not, she was a stitch.

Sports mascots can be down right funny like the The San Diego Chicken and The Phillie Phanatic. But some mascots make you kinda scratch your head and go, “Huh?” When you think of the Tennessee Titans you would think they would have some Greek god-like massively huge mascot, but no. We get, whatever you call it, but it sure ain’t no Titan in my book. Then again, all can be forgiven after you watch the video.

Any mascot that swallows a cheerleader is a winner in my book. The Volunteers have Smokey, a blue tic hound. My old high school had the chemistry teacher who had a miniature canon he would light off after a touchdown. Wherever you are, whatever sport, something in the mascot line will be going down. Morganna may not have been an “official” mascot but everyone knew who she was and everyone laughed when she bounced out onto the playing field. I think she wins the battle, hands down.