Tom Petty started a band, Mudcrutch, in Florida some thirty years ago; they got signed but broke up in the recording studio. Not so long ago, he decided to get them back together and make their debut album. This is from the liner notes:

Drums, wires, old friends, etc.
Recorded live, drums, vocals, harmony, everything
Arrangements done on studio floor
Made in 10 days, no headphones
Los Angeles in August ’07
A lot of love

More blah blah and a song (which plays automatically) after the jump!

You hear Texas Swing and early Heartbreakers; they sound like a really good bar band. It is interesting and different and just familiar enough; the nearly lifelong collaboration with Mike Campbell ensures that. If you’re hoping for singles like Free Falling, you will be disappointed. However, if you are curious what a 58 year old musician who grew up in the Florida swamps was influenced by, give this a listen. You can hear Bob Wills and Hank Williams Sr. It is country before country pick ups were clean.

You can buy the album and listen to snippets of all the tracks on their site. Here is one quick lil one for you.


Download it at

Extra kisses to Talen for being super awesome.

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