If there were more people working here, we could have a poster like this.  As it stands now, though, we would have….

  • Vange demanding that the bikini budget be expanded to include her (fat chance, those bikinis are mine!)
  • Me being Tory, although since I would still have the T on my face it would sort of be a waste cause his expression is the best part.
  • Ummm…remember Maitland?  He could be in there.
  • Ian?
  • Tia popped back in and wrote a couple things a month or so ago…

Fuck it, then.  Someone call…Chotney or whoever painted it and say I need a pic that consists of 5 me’s.  We will ditch the explosion on the right and Vange can be the sort of rock pile lookin’ thing on the left.  Or the boat.  I don’t know.