The Nascar Chase is on. Now I am going to tell ya, I am not a big fan of the chase format. It works and the season champion is the champion, so I guess thats cool. The idea it is going to build excitement in a sport that is already pretty exciting seems, well it seems pointless.

I am old school, y’know, when it was the Winston Cup and the cars had wings. Now that was when I was a big fan, back in the 70’s. I used to watch Petty and Foyt with my dad and racing was a bit different then. I still watch a few races today, I just lost that rampant enthusiasm of youth.

Now this season, I have caught a few races leading to the chase, and frankly, Jimmy Johnson looks good. He has it all, a good team, good equipment, a bunch of luck, and the man can drive the hell out of a car. He does not hesitate and shows no fear. Can he win again? Who knows. He is going to need luck, no doubt about it. The man has a big bulls eye on his rear fender.

The excitement is kinda gone for me. Old school Nascar had guys working out of the back garage, towing the trailer with a beat up old pick up and hoping like hell to win a few bucks to pay for gas and tires and a cheeseburger. Oh how things have changed with big corporate sponsorship. Its okay, change is good.

How I wish Danica Patrick raced full time this year and was in the chase. She is every back yard mechanics dream girl. She knows cars, loves cars, and man, she can drive. Now if she was in the chase, I would be watching every second. For now, I guess we can dream of the day she shows the good old boys how to win a championship. Oh, and catch her video after the jump! I did not forget. Racing is good, time to chase Danica.

When Paddy retired from high school sports, he hung up the mullet and invested in an armchair and remote.  Now he’s the Gallery sports guy and still manages to run his own site, Paddy’s Wanderings.  Editor’s Note – does he look like a murderer to you?  I mean, not a serial killer, but maybe a rage killing or two?  Is it just me?  Don’t tell him I said that, btw.