Nominated for a Grammy in 1995, “Feel me Flow” sits right smack dab in the middle of hip hop pushing its way into pop.  The song made it all the way to #17 that year and I can personally attest to its popularity.  My measurement is the tapes I had in my car.  This was one of them.

And I loved it despite not knowing a HUGE percentage of the lyrics.  It was not completely my fault since Treach had no problem making up his own words (bionical) to make the rhyme work and keep things flowing.  My favorite lyric is:

We bust plus we’re the party
Amateur damager managin damagin mics
Men and even mannequins.
You’re a fan again now I wanna know whose the man again?

It must be a good party if it has mannequins and those mannequins get damaged.  I don’t even know where you could get a mannequin.  That’s why Treach will always be cooler than me.  And speaking of cool, please note that the first half of the video is in the heat and the second half is in the snow.

So not only are they damagin’ mannequins, they are doing sick snowboard flips.  And the dude in the beginning is talking about his beeper.  HIS BEEPER!  Damn things were awesome back then.  Oh, and is the girl at 2:25 the one that danced in the front row in the Macarena video?  Let me know in the comments.