The next woman who says she doesn’t “need feminism” is going to get a punch square in the face from me. This goes for girls, too, actually, those of you under 18. I’m not afraid to punch you. So straighten up and fly right.


Let me tell you about some of the things that feminism, which some of you ignorant idiots seem to think is a dirty word, has accomplished for you, you lazy ingrates:

  • You can vote
  • You can own property
  • You can have your own bank accounts and credit cards
  • You can have sports teams
  • You aren’t viewed as your husband’s property

Now let me tell you about some things that you still don’t have, which you obviously should, which you would never have if the concept of feminism were to disappear today:

  • Equal pay for equal work (nobody is talking about a receptionist being paid the same as the CEO, don’t be a basic b****)
  • Equal treatment in the workplace: For women, behavior that is often called “ambitious” for men is termed “bossy” or “abrasive”.
  • Freedom from Mansplaining: OK, this is a little tongue-in-cheek but seriously, look at this guy: Mansplaining With a Side of Racism
  • Many places in the world, all of the things in the first list are NOT rights that women have
  • Many places in the world, not only are the first list not rights that women have, women live with no control over their lives, bodies, rights, children, or daily decisions

Don’t you dare stand on the shoulders of women (and men) who have come before you, securing so many rights that you absolutely deserve, and piss on them, telling them that you don’t care or appreciate any of it, and that you don’t give a hoot about any of the rest of this.

If that’s how you feel then seriously, keep it to yourself or start looking into forming some “We Don’t Need Feminism” country that also doesn’t use the internet, and then go live there, and please don’t make the rest of us suffer your insane rantings anymore.