So the FCC revealed a plan Tuesday that would allow internet providers to monitor and control your access to websites. (Here’s another article about it.)

Look, I’m not the technical expert here because the technical experts are off doing things like selling soap and drinking fine whiskey, so you’re gonna get the layperson explanation of this nonsense.

Basically, the government has previously said that ISPs (internet service providers – the company you buy your internet access from, such as Comcast, AT&T, Verizon) have to treat all web content the same. That means they can’t give you faster access to some sites and slower access to others, for one thing. The FCC’s chairman, a Republican (surprise!) wants to change this.

Pai is taking aim at regulations that were approved two years ago under a Democratic presidency and that sought to make sure all Internet content, whether from big or small companies, would be treated equally by Internet providers.

Not sure why the government would want to remove a rule that says that Comcast can’t decide to make certain sites work better for you and others worse? Hmmm. Let’s see what they say about it:

In a news release, Pai said his proposal would prevent the government from “micromanaging the Internet.” Under the new rules, he said, the FCC would “simply require Internet service providers to be transparent about their practices.”

Oh sure, OK. Deregulation always works great, right? Let’s see, what are some other things we deregulated throughout history and how did that turn out?

In, I guess, fairness? There has also been a movement to deregulate the electric/energy industry which maybe on the surface seems to be spurring some improvements, such as a push for green power and greener building practices. But I don’t trust it long term.

Here’s the thing – do you really trust Comcast or Verizon to do the right thing by you as far as your internet access? Or do you think maybe, they will be selfish and greedy, and promote sites of business partners or subsidiaries of themselves, eliminating competition and your options and choices? Because I’m absolutely sure the latter is what would happen.

(Have fun reading up on the Invisible Hand, folks.)

The idea that we should just trust A CORPORATION to do a better job regulating itself than THE GOVERNMENT is a bunch of hogwash and malarky, to use old-y time words since I’m not supposed to swear here or something I guess. Also maybe read about why I think Capitalism Is Bad.

If you don’t want your internet provider deciding for you what sites you see how quickly or other things about your internet access, then you should sit up and pay attention because you’re about to not have a choice anymore. Maybe call your representative, you know, make them actually work for you, since that’s their job.

Oh, and by the way, here is an example of a country that doesn’t have net neutrality – Portugal. Check that out. Doesn’t sound so good, eh?

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