76840_mq_0002_122_418loAmy Adams posed for a photoshoot for Italian Vogue.  I assume she is being profiled as I can’t see any brand name in each picture but what do I know?  I think everything Louis Vuitton is ugly so what I know about fashion is debatable.  The picture above is meant to be sexy and I realize we should applaud her for keeping herself so very safe from skin cancer.  That said, her make-up looks kabuki-like even though it matches her ghostly legs.  Her expression is not inviting and, were I (male) in the room with her, I’d be scared to approach her.

Check her album for the rest of the pix from the photoshoot and let me know if she is sexy or if you just want her to go outside without her lead-lined wetsuit.  I need to know where you stand on this.