Last night on the MTV Movie Awards Warner Brothers dropped a new trailer for Suicide Squad the next DC comics movie in their franchise.  Let’s take a look.

To me, it does a few things:

  • People liked Batman in Bvs so there is some more Batman
  • People thought BvS wasn’t funny enough?  Here’s some more funny.
  • People said that they don’t understand why Batman was so wound up about Superman in BvS?  Here is the govt. doing the same thing.
  • People said BvS gave away everything in the trailer?  Here are some more shots from the same scenes we’ve already seen, a new scene from a bar, and a couple new things to jazz it up.

Here are some things we still don’t know:

  • What is their actual mission?  Are they going to get someone/thing that could fight Superman?
  • Who/what is the big bad?
  • Whose side is Enchantress on?

But overall, I think it shows that, regardless of what anyone thinks of Snyder and BvS, there is a plan for the DC universe.  I know the CW TV shows are fun (they really are) and so is Supergirl but it is really annoying that they can’t mention any of the big heroes on those Earth’s.  And knowing that somewhere in the same place where Batman is on top of the Joker’s car and the Joker drives himself and Harley into the water and Batman dives in with a breather to save…someone, Sinestro is on another planet not knowing or caring that Earth even exists yet is pretty awesome.

It’s an amazing time to be alive if you like comic movies.  Captain America: Civil War is coming soon and I can’t wait for it.  And I can’t wait for Suicide Squad, either.

And getting a pic of Margot Robbie sticking out her tongue as Harley Quinn doesn’t hurt, either.