Cosplay 15 of 31!! Holy cow I love how I’m writing this is January of 2021…that’s so 2020 of me.

Anyway with that being said, let’s jump into my updated feminant version of the Joker makeup and cosplay!

Toxic Utilities:

For a top I used a basic purple long sleeve shirt that I already owned. I purchased it for less than 20 bucks off of Amazon. The wig was a short green bob again for under 20 bucks and from Amazon. That kunai knife is from ebay and was a 3am purchase made during a night of anxiety where I thought I would revisit my knife throwing skills with a cheap $5 set ( TLDR I did not).

Toxic Mask:

Now for the makeup! Choose a foundation and concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin with a neutral undertone (unless you are me just use your regular shade). I opted to not do white cake makeup most typically seen on clowns as it…well…looks like shit. For blush choose a strong pigmented violet color, anything with a nice blue undertone. Minimal contour is needed to just help shape the face as well.

For the eyes I used Graftobian Body Paints in a light and dark blue. I would barely wet the pan and do darting lines starting from the eye going out and continuing the pattern all around. Finished with a black wing liner, mascara, and lashes. Using a green Graftobian paint I painted in my eyebrows to match my hair.

With your lips I find this easiest to do with a liquid lipstick and fine liner brush you’ll want to extend your bottom lip almost like how you do with your winged liner and then connect it with the top of your lips. This will create a large and rather scary clown smile.

And that’s how I decided to do my joker! There have been so many versions throughout the years in the DC Universe that you really do have some freedom to explore and play with this one while keeping costs down!

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