We got the Analytics!

We got the Analytics!

NextGen Gallery Cheats Us of Pageviews!

The Gallery loves you, and we want to know what you’re looking at!  We use NextGen Galleries to display our Celebrity Tongues Were very happy with them.

They’ve struggled a little on the performance side from an admin perspective to keep up with the massive about of tongues we have, but like the little train that could, they keep up when no other solution does.

But we had a problem – they don’t allow us a way to easily log a pageview or custom analytic event when you scroll through a gallery of pictures.

Sparks to the Rescue!

Thank goodness I am here on the Gallery staff!  I wrote a quick little solution that now logs a Google Analytics PageView event every time you perverts click on a Gallery image.  If you’re a nerd and interested in the solution, you can read all about it here:

NextGen – Measuring Gallery Clicks Using JQuery


Yay!  We See You Now!

Thanks to the genius of, well, me – we now see and know every time you look at a celebrity tongue.  I mean, we don’t know who YOU are, but we know SOMEONE looked at a tongue.  This means good things for you!  We’ll have a better idea what tongue are popular so we ca go and find more winners!

Because yeah, we did this all for you and not AT ALL in the hopes that one day we can show YUUGE traffic numbers to someone who wants to buy us for a gazillion dollars.