It should be noted that while it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to find the uncensored video for My Name Is by Eminem but crucified monkeys are apparently no problem.  Not that I have anything against crucifying monkeys (if they falsely claim to be the Messiah, that is) but it still hardly seems fair to censor one and not another.  That said, this is a pretty damn good song.  And looking at the video, it seems like the people who made Saw and Hostel and all the other dingy torturous horror movies of the 2000s must have watched this video about a million times when they were younger.

I watched a lot of Ace of Base videos which is why most of my horror movies suck unless you are scared of peppy Swedes.  And if you are, then you should see if you can get a copy of:  SNOW KNIFE!  It’s the best one I made.  It’s about a knife made out of snow.

Anyway – the song.  It has swearing and a naked lady in it.  Or it might be a lady.  I’m not sure.  It could also be a mannequin or Marylin Manson.  I don’t know.  Just watch the video and revel in the goodness of the song.  Leave my weird movie career alone.