Elvira. The Mistress of the Dark. Every guy wanted her…and every woman wanted to be her.

Well, unfortunately you can do neither of those things, but you can meet Cassandra Peterson, AKA Elvira, at the New Jersey Horror Con this weekend! She will be at the con celebrating the 30th anniversary of her film “Elvira: Mistress of the Dark”, for which the con has rebuilt her hosting set. Cassandra will be doing a special photo op unique to NJHC, with her sitting on the couch with fans! Please note: Cassandra will NOT be dressed as Elvira and will only be appearing at the con on Saturday and Sunday. The set, however, will be displayed all weekend long!

Next up is a lady that if you found her attractive in the film she’s best known for, then well, you’re seriously disturbed (and a pervert because she was a kid!)…because the guest I am referring to is Linda Blair from The Exorcist! If you attend the con on Saturday and Sunday, you can get photos ops with the woman best known for projectile vomiting split pea soup all over Max Von Sydow and giving religious zealots a reason to send her death threats. Go meet this badass lady!
Okay, this next celebrity guest has been in two—count ‘em two!—of my favorite films: Pet Semetary 2 and Detroit Rock City. It’s Edward Furlong, and he’s gonna be at the con signing autographs and doing photo ops on Friday! If I lived remotely
close to Jersey, I would show up and have him sign my KISS “Destroyer” vinyl, but alas, it shall not be so.
But you can!
The last guest(s) I’m going to spotlight are Ted Raimi and Dana DeLorenzo, who are coming to Horror Fest for a special Ash vs The Evil Dead reunion! If anyone knows me at least decently well, you know that I love any and all parts of the Evil Dead franchise, so this reunion DEFINITELY looks to me like its gonna be groovy! At different times each day of the con, Raimi and DeLorenzo will be doing both joint and solo photo ops, so be sure to check the schedule!
Other than celebrity guests, NJHC also boasts an incredible horror film festival, complete with special screenings, Q&A’s, an award show, and other events! Whether you like campy horror (check out “Birthday Bash” directed by Colin James), cat-vs-mouse (“Mongers” directed by Jim Valosik), or just you wanna see how a group of stoners takes on the zombie apocalypse (“Bong of the Living Dead” directed by Max Groah – Which we reviewed!), I guarantee there is something for everyone in the film festival.
So if you are in the area, head over to the show.  And if you are already going, let us know in the comments or on Twitter so you can do a Fan Review!  Have fun!