Last weekend we were at the New Jersey Horror Convention in northern NJ representing our sister site and podcast Strangeful Things.

Now I’m still waiting for Acadia to get me a lot of his photos so I’m not going to claim this is a complete photo representation, we’ll have to do another post or add to this one to follow up with more of the cool photos we took, mostly of people doing amazing cosplay. So I’ll just include a selection here but mostly the point of this post is a review of the con.

My favorite things about this convention were:

  • How friendly everyone was (this helps me because I’m still a scaredy baby and people in good costumes legitimately make me scared – so it’s good that they’re very nice to me).
  • The friendliness of the staff managing the event – for real, the women who was the vendor manager stopped by our table a few times to help us with things, discuss various issues with us, and apologize for farting. No, really. 
  • The cosplay!


There were a lot of terrifying clowns. I was upset. But I mean, well done. Still, terrifying.

The vendors right around our immediate area were super friendly. On our left were Cosplayers Care, a non-profit who send cosplayers to visit sick kids in hospitals and cheer them up. We spent a lot of time chatting with the folks at this table. They were really funny and we love what they do.

On our right was Pinups for Pitbulls, and they help get pitbulls and other shelter dogs adopted. I’ll have to find some of the adorable photos I took of their doggos but at the moment they seem to have escaped me.

Across from us was Nerdchamber. He was a super cool dude and chatted with us a lot as well, coming over and offering various thoughts about helping us promote the podcast. 

Honestly? The only thing I would change is the food is never great that these. I know it’s hard but like… I don’t know, have food trucks or something? It’s always kind of like bad cafeteria food.

Enjoy a selection of photos below, but Acadia owes me some too!