Someone told me that she thought SATC was overrated. Her reasoning was that 40 something year old women having sex wasn’t interesting or controversial.

I feel like she has missed the point. The movie had precious little sex in it. For me, the movie, the series and the book were about near mythical true friendships between women. And outrageous fashion, of course.* Being able to watch four women, all so different, maintain and strengthen their friendship over the years. They weathered cancer and babies and miscarriages and break ups and they fought and made up. They illustrate the beauty of unconditional friendship.

I think, when women watch SATC, they all wish they had friendships like that. To have even just one friend whom you can call at 11pm on New Year’s Eve and tell her you are alone and sad. You say, “Sorry, no, I’m fine,” and hang up when you realize you woke her. How loved you would feel when that friend comes across town, in the rain and cold in her jammies, to eat Chinese food and drink wine with you. Just so you aren’t alone after splitting from your husband, even though that friend thinks you were wrong to split up with him. To have a friend like that…it’s what we all want and so few of us get. Is it as rare as a free one-of-a-kind Vivienne Westwood wedding gown? I don’t know.

*I shudder to think the kind of cash they got for the product placements in the movie. Louis Vuitton and alone must have spent a bundle. And the teal blue bird in her wedding veil was absolutely awesome and I thought of the Fug Girls when I saw it and smiled.

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