Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

There was a whole lot of blah blah crap I don’t care about so I’m not mentioning any of that.  Little Stevie Wonder played with The Jonas Brothers which makes me curious if Disney bought him.  If you’re friends with Morgan Freeman, you get to play one song all the way through–dude’s got pull.  I wouldn’t have expected him to be friends with Kenny Chesney but okay.  The only part of the awards that excited me was when Robert Plant and Alison Krauss won for Best Collaboration (“Rich Woman”) and for Best Record (“Please Read the Letter”).  When accepting the Best Record award, he said something like, “We agreed to work for three days and see if anything came of it.  If it didn’t work out, we’d call it lunch and be done.  ‘Please Read the Letter’ is a song I wrote with Jimmie Page post-Led Zepplin.”  I love when they include lil anecdotal stuff in their acceptance speeches.  I think they need to write a rule for acceptance speeches on all award shows.  You can only thank the fans and then you have to talk about the work for which you just won.  None of the twenty seconds of listing off names of people none of us recognize.  Just talk about the damn project.  I should so be in charge of everything.

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M.I.A. performed and that is significant in that it is her baby’s due date.  Even more significant is the absolutely horrific outfit she wore.  They have cute maternity stuff–there is no excuse for this.  I can’t find a pic of it and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should be grateful.  I’m hoping The Fug Girls will have something to say about it.

Dave Grohl was actually drumming for Sir Paul McCartney on “I Saw Her Standing There.”  It was pretty cool to see McCartney and I found it interesting he chose an old Beatles song instead of something from his new album.  I’m thinking he knows the comfort of familiarity.  When the camera pulled back, you could see all these consoles and shit at the Foo Fighters’ feet and there’s McCartney with nothing, just playing away.  Duuude.

If Kid Rock would keep his mouth shut, I might hate him less.  He’s just so scuzzy.  I will say, he was cast perfectly in Joe Dirt.  I hate Coldplay and their Value Village Sgt Pepper’s outfits with the scorching burn of 10,000 suns.  Oh and I think Duffy is an empty paper doll version of Dolly Parton, minus the spunk and talent.  Adele bugs me and I don’t even know why.  She sang her one annoying song, blah.  John Mayer won Best Male and I booed and my TV went out for a sec and I think CBS stopped the feed in support of my protest.  Radiohead filled the fucking stage with musicians  and I mean they FILLED it.  You don’t see too many tubas at the Grammys so well played, Radiohead!  TI and Justin Timberlake and some exec guy rambling about Obama and music foundations and I’m killing time until Robert Plant and Alison Krauss play. Smokey Robinson’s face will be prominently featured in many nightmares tonight.  The fuck the dude do to his face?  Jamie Fox  and Ne-Yo singing “I’ll Be There”  and “Sugar Pie Honeybunch” with Smokey Robinson in a tribute to the Four Tops, this is kind of fun.  And Neil Diamond pulled out “Sweet Caroline” to match his very fancy shirt and sparkle-tastic blazer.  He is a good song writer and a decent musician and really, I have to admire this guy, performing when he’s what, pushing 80?  He’s pretty fit and fine considering.  He’s holding up better than Smokey Robinson, that’s for damn sure.  Also, I didn’t see this on TV but some pretty legendary names were winners last night, too:  Pianist Dr. John and the Lower 911 won for best contempory blues album for “City That Care Forgot”; B.B. King deserved and won best traditional blues album for “One Kind Favor”; and Pete Seeger got best traditional folk album for “At 89”.  I’m so happy for B.B. King.  The man is AMAZING.


The eulogy part always makes me sad; the final one was remembering the legendary Bo Diddley.  The obits were followed  immediately with a tribute to him.  Buddy Guy, B.B. King, John Mayer and Keith Urban jamming. This is absolute best part of the show, omg.  John Mayer re-earned my respect because he has so much fucking talent and he usually hides it under poppy shit but not tonight.  He played.  I can’t imagine the terrifying glee, the overwhelming honor of playing with B.B. King and Buddy Guy in tribute to Bo Didley.  I swear I saw him pinch himself.  John Mayer, I hope you thank your lucky stars tonight.  Keith Urban too, whoever you are.  Mr. Nicole Kidman, I think?

Yay Lil Wayne for Best Rap album.  The Blind Boys of Alabama won a Lifetime Achievement Award and finally it’s Plant/Krauss/T. Bone Burnett  performance.  They did “Rich Woman” and “Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)”.  I was really hoping to hear “Killing the Blues” but this was good.  Some really distinctive guitar-ing which I love.  Yeah, I made up a word.  It’s late and I know like, three people will read this far.  Yeah, that was arrogant and optimistic of me.  I know:  three is a reach.  LOL.

Please don’t let Coldplay win Album of the Year.  I’m so shocked!!!  Raising Sand won?!??!  I’d be okay with Radiohead winning–they’ve been pretty shafted by the Grammys but Raising Sand deserved it and I am so happy.  I have to mention, T. Bone Burnett does not look like what you would think based just on his work.  He’s a big goofy looking guy but dayum he does good work.  I’m not even editing this ahahhhahaa.  Little Stevie Wonder closed out the credits.

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