Picture Perfect Two

It’s time to play another game. This is the easiest one we run and it is, perhaps, the most fun. The rules are VERY simple:

  1. We post pictures of various things with a gallery sign in it.
  2. You duplicate the pics and send them to us.
  3. We post them.
  4. The person who gets the most done wins.

It is really that simple. To give you an idea of just how easy it is, here is the link to the last game: Picture Perfect One.

Also, as an added bonus to all you website-having people, your entries will include a link back to your site. ’cause you are dirty dirty whores.

Anyway, to start getting psyched for the game, which is scheduled to start this upcoming weekend, go to the Picture Perfect Thread in the Batcave. Make sure your lens cap is off – and win the prize!

UPDATE: If you want to play, you will need to register at The Batcave and post in the Registration thread announcing your intentions to compete. And then post n00dz of Bea Arthur. And then wait for the game to begin on Saturday, 9 August.

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