It's green cause they exploit kids for money.

Welcome to Podcaturday.  I know it is almost Sunday, but it is only 9:30 where Vange lives so screw you all.  This week’s podcat is about geocaching.  I was talking to a friend and they had just learned it and taught me.  It’s like a treasure hunt.  But find out the rest by listening.  I don’t spend a whole fuckin’ minute talking so I can spend 10 minutes typing out the same thing.

As far as the rest of Podcaturday is concerned, you know the drill.  If you have a podcast, comment in this post and I will link you next week.  If you are too busy to do that then I guess you don’t need a link, Lord Fluffybottom.  So shove it.  Boy do I sound crabby.  I think I might have to go watch Sabado Gigante and….calm myself down.

This week’s list – names of pets I have known.

  1. James Melzer – “Caleb”
  2. Jenny Beans – “Sparkles”
  3. Drew Beatty – “Moses”
  4. JW – “Spot”

PS – I think geocaching would be fun.  I tried it on my phone and it works.  I could be outside your house right now.  How comforting is that?