This week’s Podcaturday features a rousing discussion of Shutter Island starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Drew Carey’s gay brother from the Drew Carey Show.  The episode contains spoilers about that movie, Santa and time travel.

Time Travel you say??

Yes.  Time Travel I say.  With double capital letters for extra awesomeness.  You think Terminator is the best Time Travel movie?  WRONG!  I give you incontrovertible proof!  And Melz brings up the fact that there are more UFO sightings around 4th of July than at any other time of year.  AMAZING FACTOIDS and nudity abound!  And I’m not going to talk about all the conspiracy theory stuff we discuss cause that’s just what you would expect me to do.

Link wise, I’m getting all basic on you.  Just the facts.  Click them or suck it.  Or both!  And remember, whores.  If you comment on THIS post I will link you next week.


Someone commented on this this morning on youtube and I got an email telling me so and I’m lazy so watch this!  I made it myself!