Spell Check is not infallible.  Raelly.

Spell Check is not infallible. Raelly.

I have decided that since I live in Charlotte now that I should pay more attention to what is going on around me.  So if I find something interesting I will post it.  But the only things I think are interesting are stupidity and high speed chases, so don’t get your hopes too high.

And to kick the whole thing off, the Charlotte School System made coasters to give out to the teachers before school started and they spelled “Education” wrong on the fucking things.  But to me, that is not the worst part of the story (which is here).  The worst thing is this:

The misspelled version of “education” was printed on 1,800 beverage coasters, the kind that you use in your car.

The kind you use in your car?  What kind of coaster do you use in your car?  Does it fit in the bottom of the cup holder?  Do Charlotte teachers just slap beers on their dashboards (using coasters) and then drive around?  If so, then maybe I like it here more than I thought.

Does anyone know what the hell a car coaster is?  And no, I didn’t Google it.  Fuck Google.  I am sick of trusting them.  Think about it.  If you use Google to find out information about something you don’t know anything about – HOW DO YOU KNOW IT’S RIGHT?  Sneaky bastards.  Making the Charlotte teachers think they don’t know how to spell Eduction.