or should I say, meow?

or should I say, meow?

The Lions called a press conference this week just mere days from the NFL Draft. Most teams with the #1 draft pick that have draft-week press conferences are usually announcing a blockbuster deal or that they have signed their #1 Draft Pick.

Hey now. The Lions want no part of your normalcy.

This week, the Lions called a press conference…to unveil their new team logo. Which, looks a lot like the old one, only with jaw wide open on the lion. But, hey, they think they are now tough with this new logo

“It says to everybody else who’s looking at us, ‘Don’t forget about Detroit,’ ” Lewand said. ” ‘We’re tough. We’ve got character. We’ve got motion. We’ve got animation. And in contrast to the old lion, you might not want to take on this one.’ “

I guess if this new logo is replacing the unofficial, unsanctioned, but highly realistic, logo of Jon Kitna lying on his back, I guess it does have more defined toughness. And, hey, it’s got motion.

But, no matter what they do, as long as you put the Detroit in front of the Lions, they’ll always be more Simba than Scar.