So of course you must be living in a cave if you didn’t know that this movie is out today. Starting at 12 A.M., The Dark Knight (the movie WE ALL MUST SEE to stay current and in the loop) was released, and with the massive amount of hype surrounding it, we’re looking at records being shattered from the sheer amount of folks going to see it. The midnight showings alone have made millions.

I was one of the lucky ones to get a seat for this, and here are my thoughts. WARNING – you may not want to click this if you haven’t seen it, because of course I will be going into heavy details. So if you hate to know what happens, don’t click the link below. You have been warned.

So, here are my thoughts on the Dark Knight:

It was cool.

(Like I’m going to appease you spoiler hunters. PAY YOUR TEN BUCKS. WATCH THE MOVIE. CHEAPSKATE ASSHOLES.)