Rickey-HendersonRickey Henderson was inducted to the MLB Hall of Fame yesterday. Of course he looked dapper. Of course he cracked jokes in his speech. Of course he said he was the greatest. He also told this tale of making all sorts of cash money in his first ten days of high school baseball.

“She would pay me a quarter every time I would get a hit, when I would score or stole a base,” he said. “After my first 10 games, I had 30 hits, 25 runs scored and 33 steals. Not bad money for a kid.”

Damn right. Do the math on that action. Bigger story was that every SEC football coach is lamenting the fact that Rickey could be paid off with change. They’re paying off millions of dollars to athletes for ten days of work, Rickey is making $22.

Dude could steal a base, straight up.