Do you like this shirt?

Do you like this shirt?

I have been asking people on Twitter all day to send me links for today’s link post, but they seem to be too busy spamming Twitter to get their links on an actual website, so I am on my own.  Except for!

Demure Jen and her post about Earth Hour

Nipplelicious: 12 Cabins, 12 Vancancies

Stop emailing me about the goddamned Conficker Worm.  Jesus.

So since she is the only one who sent me anything (so far) I am going to spend the rest of the post talking about the .tel domain.  Apparently it is some kind of virtual business card that at least according to the video below can get you laid.

I checked to see if was available (it’s not) so I don’t care much anymore, but I did check some others just to see if people are jumping on the bandwagon.  And no, I did not bother looking to see if was available cause the point of this is to have access to the info on your phone and our url would actually poke out the site of your iphone’s screen.  🙁

So since the thing just sits on the dns server, you get to see their contact info, but there is not another

  • – not a surprise here. The sexy people love getting ahead of things.
  • – call the Whitehouse and ask where your bailout check is!
  • – this guy obviously was all hot to get a short name (and he did) but the rest of the plan seems to have petered out.
  • – I wanted to see if anyone actually used their domain like the dude in the movie.  This guy didn’t.
  • – Call this guy and find out whe there are going to be pornstar’s telephone numbers on this thing.

Now – watch the video and let me know what you think about the technology.  I am not getting one.  But if you do, then you obviously want randome people on the Internet to be able to call you whenever you want.  I think there is a privacy thing, but where is the fun in that?  Just go for it!