Since I gave you a free movie yesterday the links were delayed.  But they are back now.  I have spent the last 465 hours watching MSNBC coverage of the Horrorcane Ike.  There is nothing that can illustrate the power of a hurricane like a newscaster yelling while the wind blows them around.  That’s news!

Anyway – here are the links.  Click them and be amazed!

Video of the week!

Be the 8,164,941st person to see this video.  The fact that I just saw it just proves that I don’t know much about the internet.  =/  Thanks to the Freebie Reporter for knowing more than me.

  • Picture Perfect is over!  Our picture perfect game wrapped up last night and Fragileheart won.  She chose the $25.00 instead of the 5000 Entrecard credits.  Check out how much ass she kicked – her pics rule.  Click here for her gallery. Congrats Fragile, and thanks to everyone who played!
  • Shave Your Yeti – Any stupid game thing needs to have the comedic chops to give you a payoff when you have completed the stupid task.  Just like college.  This one fits the bill.
  • Ventibate – got something to bitch about?  Go here and do it – then other people will come and either agree with you or tell you you are stupid.  This is like college, too.
  • Box Dodge Fury– This one is deceptively easy.  Just run to the right, jump over the holes (or rivers or whatever the hell they are – the game is dumber looking than pitfall) and don’t let the boxes fall on your head.  Post how many feet you traveled in the comments.  I did like 204, but I was trying to shave at the same time.

Video of the week runner up!

This is just ridiculous.  And I hope with all my might that this woman is NOT being sarcastic.  I hope she is sitting in her house right now, head wrapped snugly in tinfoil, staring at the phone.  Thanks to O-blog for this one.

That’s it….go home.  Move along now.  I have roller skating practice today…