For someone as highly educated as I am, this was stupid.

For someone as highly educated as I am, this was stupid.

I jacked that headline straight from the Washington Post.

I feel like, as someone concerned with the role of race and an overcrowded fucked up judicial system, that I should comment on this story. Two things: 1. I’m not going to go into the back story, so if you have no clue what I’m on about, read the Post article I linked; 2. I’m not even gonna try to write something funny. And will be a bit of a rant that will likely wander.

This situation just irritates me. Not because this man was arrested. He was arrested because he fucked up AFTER the cops showed up, not because of this bullshit weak minded racial profiling noise.

Look, you’re on a porch and your slamming into a door. You forgot your key, okay. To someone who doesn’t know you, however? Yeah, they might call the cops. Yeah, the cops might come. How often do people complain about police NOT showing up when shit goes down? Often.

Gates has come to see the incident as a modern lesson in racism and the criminal justice system.

Gates plans to use the attention and turn his intellectual heft and fame to the issue of racial profiling.

I really, really, hope this man goes out to learn what racial profiling is. Because this is NOT IT. It just isn’t. He was screaming racial profiling when they showed up at his house. Like they were in the wrong for investigating a break in and 911 call.

No, he got arrested because he barked at cops and sometimes cops like to swing their dicks unnecessarily. Look, if the cops come to your house after you just forced open a jammed door, anything that happens to you after is brought on by yourself. If Mr. Gates comes to the door and hands the officer ID, he’s GOLDEN. Nothing happens.

If you play the “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!” or the all-purpose “Fuck the Police” card, shit like this has a tendency to happen.

For the folks who are crying racism on this one: How should the cop respond to a breaking and entering of a house by force call when the person inside refuses to cooperate? What, the cop should just take the guys word for it? “I live here.” Oh okay, you’re cool then. Come on. No cop is going to do that.

Look, it sucks the dude got arrested in his own home, but he got arrested because he apparently had a huge chip on his shoulder and thought he was better than the average person. We make fun of athletes and celebrities who get drunk and do this, so why give Gates a pass just because he’s an egotistical Professor?

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