So you see that we post email forwards on here.  For some reason, they are among the most talked about things that we post.  I guess it’s because if enough grandmothers and what have you  decide to forward them it is sort of a built in vetting process?  In fact, maybe the value of an email can be judged by the number of RE:’s and FWD:’s in the subject line?  That said, sometimes when I get them they make me mad.  Like this one.

Northern Lights Over Teepees – These are spectacular and the teepees are so pretty in the dark

Oh just die.  The pic above is the only one I am showing from the 473 that came in the email.  I don’t care about the inspiring whatsis or the example of god’s power or whatever.  I want to know what’s happening in the tee pees.  I think the tee pee on the left is used for smelting iron and the tee pee on the right contains a woman giving birth to a new universe.

Actually, I am not sure what this email was supposed to get me to feel.  It’s not all that cute.  It doesn’t have any jokes about illegal aliens or Nancy Pelosi.  It isn’t filled with pics of people getting hit in the face with soccer balls and…hurled babies.  It’s just: Hey, look at these cool pictures.  Well I won’t.  Like I said.  Screw you, email.  You aren’t the boss of me.

PS: I do the post tags based on Yahoo tags.  They have one for ‘whatsis’ and another one for ‘hey look’.  No wonder people hate Yahoo.  Tee Pee living jerks.