I watch Project Runway.  I didn’t mean to.  But one time I watched it and then I watched it again and now I watch it every damn week.  I think all the clothes are stupid and I sit there and compare them.  It would make me lol to think that it was my extensive knowledge of fashion that allows me to pick who will win and lose each week (my record is stellar) but I think it has more to do with bad editing.

That said – I have a simple question.  These people make clothes for a living (or not a living, I don’t know).  Their goal is to get people to look at their clothes and say: “I want to wear that!”  That’s why they are on the show.  That’s why they are blubbering every frigging week about winning this or that and how much it means to them.  So I ask you this:

Why don’t they wear clothes they made on the show?

If you MAKE clothes, then make your own.  Then you would be advertising your clothes while you walk down the street.  While you get gas.  While you get drunk in public.  WHILE YOU ARE ON NATIONAL TV!  I don’t get it.  Maybe it’s a rule?  Maybe they can’t make clothes for themselves cause they…umm…can’t see behind themselves?  I don’t know.  I need an answer.

Someone answer me, please.  It’s a simple question.  Someone?  Heidi Klum?  That gay guy?  The other lady?  Someone?