It’s a simple Saturday.  Don’t do anything complex or taxing.  It is probably hot where you live and there is no need to go out and give yourself heatstroke.  Summer is dangerous.  You can get hit by a wiffle ball, fall out of a tree or have some kid stab you with a Popsicle stick.  Just take it easy today.  And since we don’t do regular Saturday posts anymore (we are pretty much like a bank now) I am just going to lay out some disjointed things here in this post that won’t really make you think too much.  Or will they….?

  • I am boycotting Google search for this whole upcoming week.  Including today.  Instead, I am gonna use Bing.  Why?  Because Google is telling me what the Internet is about and I want a second opinion.  How do I know that when I search for -Japanese Schoolgirls holding pies- that I am getting the best possible results?  No way of knowing unless I check more than one place.  So now is your chance to impress me, Bing.  Do not disappoint.

    Big Titted Imbecile

    Big Titted Imbecile

  • If you are on Twitter – then post your Twitter link in the comments so I can follow you.  My Twitter is http://www.twitter.com/Acadia.  I only tweet awesome things like what’s happening right now in my pants and I re-tweet anything that says boob in it.
  • I found a site this week that shows you all the fonts you have on your computer – handy if you don’t have a Mac (which has a built-in thing for that because Macs are for fruity arteeests.  My Font Book.
  • Jordan, the big-titted imbecile (right) from this summer’s Big Brother is from the town I live in now.  Matthews, NC.  Don’t try finding me, though.  I move through the shadows.
  • We are looking for some guest writers.  If you want some free links to your site and the chance to get your work read by…well, you but also the people who read us, then use the contact form up there to get in touch.  Or Twitter me.  Or join the forum.  Or, if you are big titted imbecile Jordan, then just come over to my house (he said uncreepily).
  • This one is serious:  I need someone who can write php or (preferably) someone who can make wordpress widgets.  I will PAY MONEY to the person who can do the project I am looking to have put in place.  Anyone who has experience, or knows someone who does, PLEASE contact me or post in the comments or some fucking thing.  I am sick of having the thing I want not exist, and the php/mysql for dummies book does not help me because I am not a dummy.  I am a lazy genius.
  • Finally, I need to decide which of the following things I should concentrate on.  And since you guys read the damn site, you should have a say.  Check out the poll options below, and if you don’t like any of them, then put your own idea in the comments.

That’s it; what else do you want?