I have decided that since the Gallery Staff sometimes uses their three minute breaks (twice a day!) to go to other sites on the Internet, I should give it a try. And, since I am killing time before dinner, I invented a new section of our site called: “Site Reviews”.

The first one I decided to review was: The Cult of Qelqoth (please be aware, the link may offend). I can’t remember how I found them, but I found a post where one of their writers got a job at the library and showed some old man 2 Girls 1 Cup. And the guy who wrote its name is ‘Wolfman’. Nobody on our site has cool names like that. I’m looking at you, ‘JW’.

And I just made up that whenever I do a Site Review I have to do a pros and cons thing. So…here they are.

  • Funny! I have not been through all of the posts (what am I, Mister Ready?) but the ones I have seen are good. I am going to stick with it.
  • The seem to have a loyal group of people commenting on the site. Or else their aunts have computers. But I tend to think it is the former. A happy site has people commenting on the posts *cough*.
  • They’re British.
  • Their name sounds like Lovecraft made it up (see picture). I don’t know if that’s where they got it from, as I am too lazy to Google it, but using a ‘Q’ without a ‘U’ is edgy!
  • Their forum has not been tended – so I would stay out of it for now. Better to head to the Bat Cave for your forum needs. In fact, I am going to try to steal their people.
  • I can’t tell where the ads stop and the content begins. I hope they make a shit ton of money on the site, cause it looks like a race car driver’s suit.

So that’s it. It’s a funny site, and you should give it a look. Any site that has a story titled: “Bear Grylls on Prison Rape Survival” is something you should be reading.

Please note – as the previous story may have clued you in on, this is not a site about flowers and funny endearing stories about kids. Be aware.