I just finished watching Sleepy Hollow and am completely convinced it is the greatest show ever made.  Screw The Wire and Breaking Bad and Spongebob Squarepants.  I am putting my money on the plucky Revolutionary War turncoat and his sassy yet perceptive partner.

Just take X-Files and cram it into National Treasure and add a sprinkle of Hellboy and you have the basic premise of the show.  Ichabod Crane comes back to life in modern times after being buried in a pretty sweet cave and happens to run into the same Horseman whose head he had cut off 230 years earlier.  And from there, hijinks ensue.  Important hijinks.  World threatening hijinks.  And George Washington is mixed up in it.  Yeah.  You never hear anything about him, do you?  Bout time we see what he was up to when he wasn’t country-fathering.

As for the show itself, it hits some of the usual tropes.  You know how in TV shows people always know who the Sheriff is?  I have NEVER lived in a town where I knew who the Sheriff is even in towns where I actually voted for one.  But Sleepy Hollow (population 144,000 which I assume will mean something at some point) is the kind of TV town where the lady in the diner knows the Sheriff and the Sheriff knows the town priest (he called him “Reverend”).  And what’s so special about the Reverend?  Well, you can find out in the BULLET POINT SPOILERS OF AWESOME after the jump.

Oh, and in case you didn’t get my drift, I love the show.  The humor is light, the action is not overly graphic and it already has HUGE stakes exposed.  It took a whole season to find out there were other people on the island on Lost but we are one eppy into Sleepy Hollow and they are already getting demons thrown at them.

  • The guy who played the Sheriff (Kurgan from The Highlander) got killed in the first scene.  Head chopped right off!  But don’t worry – he isn’t out of the story yet.
  • Crane gets caught by the cops right off the bat but is out and Abby (the girl who was the Sheriff’s partner who was supposed to leave for Quantico in a week) decides to stay to figure out the mystery.
  • The Reverend spoke like…German or something and tried to fight the Horseman by whipping chains at him like Pinhead in Hellraiser.  Didn’t work, though.  Got his head chopped right off!
  • The Horseman is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  And if he gets his head back there will be big trouble.
  • There is also some demon that lives in a mirror that killed the guy from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.  They don’t seem to have a problem killing people off.
  • Orlando Jones is the boss cop.  Which now that I think about it makes no sense.  Abby worked for the Sheriff but she was a Lieutenant.  But Orlando Jones is her boss?  How does that work?  I thought the Sheriff was the tip top?  Meh, not too worried about it.
  • Orlando Jones looked really suspicious at one point and I assume he is a bad guy, or at least knows more than he is telling!
  • Ichabod’s wife was a witch.  And she is trapped in some kind of limbo.  And there might be a witch war at some point in the future.  I have never seen a witch war that didn’t involve unlikely weapons like houses and buckets of water.
  • The previews showed some pretty sweet ways to keep the story moving in the X-Files vein.  Or maybe more like Buffy.  Saving the world and all that.

At the end of the day I have not been this excited about a show in a long time.  I have suspended the crap out of my disbelief and am happy to jump into witchcraft, secret files the dead Sheriff was researching (told you he would come back up) and mirror demons.  I like the banter between Crane and Abby and there hasn’t been a better treatment of “guy from the past brought to the future” since Time after Time Well, maybe Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer but that doesn’t count.

Seriously.  I know I usually kill shows with my love but this time if you guys watch it too maybe it can live.  Help me general public.  Watch Sleepy Hollow.  The Headless Horseman can’t come out in the daytime!  That’s a twist!  ARE YOU NOT INTRIGUED!