Should I follow @DinosaurDracula?  Twitter thinks I should.  And his name is good.  So why not?

That folks, is why I suck at Twitter.  I have been a member since 2007 and never really mastered it.  I am certain that I have the site hooked up to it so I just look like an enormous spammer since all I post is links to my new articles.  I use Tweetdeck (which I love, btw) and try to talk to  people sometimes but I honestly think I just started out wrong.

It’s also sort of sad that since my name is the same as a National Park and a university in Canada I get a lot more accidental mentions than real ones.  Now that I think about it, I should have made my name “home”.  Then I would get mentioned all the time when people tweet that they are “relaxing @home”. I should start over but I like the fact that I have had the account so long.  Not than longevity has done me any good.  I used to have more than 3000 followers but it is steadily dropping and it is probably high time I try to fix it.  Yeah.  That’s what I will do.  And here’s how!

I have no frigging idea how….

Seriously I don’t know what to do to make people on Twitter like me.  I reply to people sometimes.  I make a couple jokes.  I try to get into conversations.  Nothing works.  It is like everyone else on Twitter has some sort of app that allows them to smell me.  And I don’t want to make everyone feel like I am trying too hard.  Which should be easy since I am lazy and don’t want to try too hard.  But I am at a loss about what to do.  Maybe Twitter just isn’t for me.  Maybe I don’t follow enough “internet models”.  Your help would be appreciated.  No joke.  It really would.  Otherwise I am just gonna hire some Pakistani sex robots to take the account over for me.  And none of you want that.  Or do you?