Jared Leto tweeted that he was in Toronto (where Suicide Squad is being filmed).  The director, David Ayers, tweeted yesterday that something might happen today.  And a couple of hours ago we saw this:

Now, given what Jared Leto looks like right now (see his pic below with our Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie) one can only surmise that we are being teased with a new Joker look.


This is to be expected, and since the Suicide Squad movie is in the same universe as Batman Vs. Superman we can bet that whatever we see next will be the joker we see for the next 10 years.  Can’t hate on Leto, but it does make me miss Heath Ledger.  I loved the Nolan Batman movies, but I am ready to see Affleck and this skinny hippie show me something fun.

If he posts anything else good, I will update it here.