It's two against one, but King has four eyes.  CLOSE!

It's two against one, but King has four eyes. CLOSE!

This is either going to be a really good fight or the most one sided thing in the history of stupid Twitter and internet fights.  Here is the run down so far.

  1. King writes in this week’s Entertainment Weekly blah blah something about radio and then: “How culturally important are the gabbling “personalities” who make prank calls and own morning drive-time?  Let’s put it this way: As far as I’m concerned, you can take Opie and Anthony and shove ’em where the sun doesn’t shine.”
  2. Opie (or Anthony) gets pissed.  I can’t tell which is which.  But I am pretty sure it is the one who doesn’t have Edward James Olmos Face and riles up his troops on his Twitter page
  3. I got an email from a game I signed up for like YEARS ago that said:

Round 9 Mafialife Players,
Opie gave the word tonight on his twitter @opieradio that Stephen King shit on The Opie and Anthony Show pretty bad in an interview.
He asked all of us to do him a favor and flood the Stephen King forum asking him if he even listens to Opie and Anthony. He claimed they were 2 morning drive dj’s that do crank calls, and they havent done crank calls in over 2 full years. Opie and Anthony are more like Reality Radio.
I am handing out 250.00 bucks to anyone’s paypal who floods that forum so hard they get thier username mentioned on the radio. Opie and Anthony will be watching that forum all weekend.

Keep me posted on twitter @mafialifechris, and I will be handing out tons of tshirts and shit to those who help out.

Create as many usernames on that forum as you have emails….and let them know sent you!!

Thanks Pals.

I don’t really have dog in this fight.  I am from Maine as is Stephen King, but that is not enough to make me root for him.  Opie and Anthony made me laugh once when I lived in NJ, so I am not sure if I am rooting for them.  But I want to know what YOU people think.  If I had to bet, I would bet that like, next Thursday or so, someone will tell Stephen King about it and he will say: “I have a website?”

The thing that Opie is missing is that yes, SK probably DID generalize about the show.  Just like I bet that he didn’t see Transformers 2.  But I don’t see anything on Michael Bay’s Twitter page.  Cause he can’t get to it cause it is covered with money.  And honestly, when millionaires bicker, it sort of makes me want to set them all on fire.  So why don’t you all go to your special millionaires club and lol about the workin’ man!  Jerks!