The next movie in the DC Universe is “Suicide Squad” coming out in August.  And Warner Brothers is giving it a push.  New 30 second spots are appearing during the NBA Finals and they are introducing new footage not seen in the previous trailers.

Were the new pieces added from the reshoots that were so widely reported on after BvS got savaged for not being a great movie?  Hard telling, not knowing, but I think Warner is definitely accenting the fact that the movie is decidedly more upbeat even though it concerns villains instead of good guys.

I have also heard rumors that not only was Ben Affleck on set filming the Batman scenes (see below) but also in his Bruce Wayne wig.  WHAT COULD THAT MEAN?

Here’s the two new spots at the bottom (“not a hugger” is fun) and a pic gallery that I spent all morning on making them fancy so you better look at them.  #squadup