We have some puzzles this week.  Puzzles with Sponsors!  So try answering in the comments.  One of them has a prize, too.  So get going!

Trivia Question

This comes from My friend Kenny the Paddy.  His site, Ken Armstrong Writing Stuff is about: “Other people’s habits peppered with a story or two from my world… is that okay?”  Yes, Ken.  That’s OK.  But you better be around to give some hints for your hard ass trivia question.

Q: What links ‘Mack The Knife’ with ‘From Russia With Love’

Word Scramble

Since Vange and I are probably gonna have to give you another clue for the long ass game, here is a word scramble for you to practice on.  The sponsor is Jenny Beans and there is a Prize!:

Unscramble Jenny’s brains and you can win your pick of 1 Dark Journey’s story absolutely free.

Now, the first three words came from Vange, but she and I fought all morning and she doesn’t have any prizes but Jenny’s prize is good so you have to unscramble Vange’s as well to win it.  Put your answers in the comments.  Deal with the prize with Jenny, though.  I’m too important to deal with minor details.  Get me my monocle!

  1. kdtcfaur
  2. ctauotar
  3. zsnreacsi
  4. bradsdoarh
  5. gnamiecn
  6. bagraeg
  7. umogrnin
  8. ksicpalts