Brain Teaser:

Who were the five most recognizable fictional characters in the world (pre-Internet)?  I have to qualify it cause now one is probably tub girl.

Stupid Video

I can’t show you the stupid video cause I refuse to link to gay facebook because gay facebook doesn’t have an embed thing.  So rather than get a funny video you get me figuring out how to write a program that will just crawl facebook and download pictures people have uplaoded and then just keep REuploading them back to facebook until it breaks.  I don’t know how to do that exactly but I sure do hate farmville and I wish I could show you that video but I can’t compromise my principles by linking to facebook.  I’m sorry.  I’m like a knight or an angel and you don’t want me to tarnish the image you have of me.  Just kiss your hand and then press it on the picture you have of me and then go to sleep.