San Diego Comic Con 1983 - Today

Yes kids, San Diego Comic-Con starts in earnest today.  I’m quite excited to be making my way downtown this afternoon to check things out, a feeling I expect to last roughly fifteen seconds after I encounter the first line that snakes around a building.  Still, as one of the largest sci-fi, fantasy, and horror conventions in the world, it does bear some investigation. If you’ve managed to secure an elusive pass to the big show, you can check out my Horror Lover’s Guide to Comic-Con for the top 25 panels and events inside the SDCC gates. No pass? There’s still plenty of free SDCC events happening in downtown while you wander around, eat fish tacos, and gawk at semi-nude cosplayers. For everyone else, sit back, enjoy this disturbingly uncanny and awesome Super Golden Friends short created by YouTuber kevinbappdotcom, and wait for the photos to start rolling in.

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