There are these owls and they are brave idealistic little owls who embark on a quest. Hey wait a second someone stuck feathers on Hobbits! It’s a quest though, you love quests right? Kathryn Lasky got fifteen kid books out of this deal and we just made a whole movie. Look it’s got a killer title, “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole.” that makes it sound important like it’s Tolkien or one of the Star Wars movies. Luke it is time to leave the nest and join the dark side of the feather.

The animation in this movie is truly awesome. It’s Zack Snyder’s first time going full animation and it’s breathtaking 3-D rendering from beginning to end. Cute wee fuzzy owl faces and slo-mo flying through sparkling beams of sunlight and all. This animation is Animal Logic who brought you the 2006 Oscar winner Happy feet. They’re Australian and man do they know their stuff.

For me this is the kind of movie I want to turn the sound off and just watch the pretty pictures and make up my own story. I was thinking if you gave the happy penguin kid blades and sent him on a scary quest that movie would have forgotten to be fun too. I’m not really sure why authors think they have to make up freaky names like Ezylryb anyway. Every time I see a name like that I think random fingers on keyboard. When I start thinking of the epic characters in any book or film as Bob or Suzy and the evil emperor Fred it’s pretty much all over.

This is all about the idea that the screenplay is meaningless and you can put any crappy story up there and it will be FANTASTIC as long as it’s got lots of style and flash. This is what Zack Snyder has been doing for a while now. He finds some piece of literature and puts STYLE onto it. It worked a lot better with Frank Miller’s 300 and Alan Moore’s Watchmen. Maybe because the artwork of Miller and Dave Gibbons were already a big part of the stories and the movies could limp along without a plot line from actual words. Frankly I thought 300 was a huge pile of Fascist style propaganda and the Watchman was a bore so Zack Snyder wasn’t all that successful there either.

If you do manage to go see this before it hits Netflix you’ll get to see the latest Looney Tunes Cartoon. It’s a Road Runner short. I’m all for putting more Looney Tunes in front of the movies Warner Brothers. Check out the lovely credits too. Just take a nap on during the parts between.