My husband and I were recently invited to a house party by some friends we met years ago at a swing club .  There, I learned that most of the guests never visit swing clubs, any more, and only swing at friend’s homes. 

Don’t go thinking I have a husband.  The quote above is from SWING!  Adventures in Swinging by Today’s Top Erotica Writers.  Why was I frequenting a site like this?  Because I found it by accident while searching for a site about how to get into competitive swinging.  But like, on a swing.  Unfortunately for me, there don’t seem to be any.  I am still the champ of the playground near my house (on a technicality, though since they won’t let in there anymore) but I got intrigued by all this swinging the site was talking about.

I do have to admit though that neither my inner or outer perv were really satisfied with the banter.  If I am going to read a dirty story Erotica, it better start with one of the following items:

  • I knew that running out of gas in front of the sorority house was going to be the best thing that ever happened to me, but I never expected a SUPER NAKED ORGY WITH HUMPING!
  • I was pretty nervous on my first day as a guard at the all female 18-24 year old sex addict shoplifter prison.
  • She woke up before I was ready, so I had to go in barefoot instead of putting on the heels I had picked out.

NONE of the ones on this site are like that.  They are all like, thoughtful and shit.  And sort of topical.  I am sure if you go far enough, you will find the humpy stuff (she should have a tag called humpy stuff) but if you are just intrigued by people talkin’ about doin’ it with other people, then go look.

Oh, and check out this post in particular.  Sugasm – #155 Humpy Stuff!