Thandie Newton’s private parts are one stiff breeze from being made public.  She is a breathtaking, ethereal beauty (who, not incidentally, got to fuck Dr. John Carter) but the dress she chose for the Rocknrolla world premiere in London is making me cringe.  It isn’t even flattering to her; it looks accidentally skanky.  The sash-like fringes of the…tri-skirt (?) make her hips look hugely out of proportion while simultaneously giving the impression she is wearing a diaper.  I am aware showing that much of that area is generally rather slutty but in this instance, it’s more that it is just simply unattractive. The net-covered deep V of the bodice looks like Jack MacFarlane auditioning for Ice Capades and again, it just looks weird and wrong.   If she had worn to-die-for shoes, I could have forgiven much but alas, they are pretty much hideous.  If I were her, I would post these pix on FML.