Okay, so yeah, this list is about me and what I like.  I am feeling self-centered tonight so it’s all good.

  1. Needful Things – my favorite movie of all time
  2. IT – beep, beep Richie, beep, beep (timeless)
  3. I Am Legend – Vincent Price remake from The Last Man on Earth
  4. 30 Days of Night – awesome, gory slasher flick
  5. The Gravedancers – creepy cemetery movie
  6. What Lies Beneath – you’ll have to watch to find out
  7. The Mist – Stephen King movie and I liked it but the ending was weird
  8. The Signal – creepy, gory, bloody, makes you wonder
  9. The Legend of Bloody Mary – had to watch cuz Bloody Mary is a Legend

Not all of these were released in 2008 but sometimes the old ones are better and should be included in “Best Of” sorts of  lists because new isn’t always better.