Sure things are a pile of shit right now, but if you lived in New Orleans 100 years ago you would have to deal with a war, a pandemic AND the possibility that some dink would sneak into your house at night and whang you in the head with a goddamned axe.  And our podcast Strangeful Things covers the whole crazy story over two episodes.

Head over and subscribe now and listen to how Italian grocers were targeted by the Axe Man, how hard everyone’s head was 100 years ago, and how jazz can be used as a verb.  No joke, the killer (probably) wrote a letter to the papers pledging to spare the lives of people who “jazzed it” on a particular night.  You can jazz it while you listen if you want.  Both episodes are available now!

Axe Man of New Orleans Podcast – Part One

Axe Man of New Orleans Podcast – Part Two