trump's reality sucksSometimes someone says something so profound you don’t really have a better way to say it.  Just so with critically acclaimed and published author A. Lee Martinez. Rather than lengthy commentary trying (and failing) to say the same thing, I’ll just post what he wrote on Facebook and let this insight soak into your gray matter.

The battle for reality is not something any of us ever thought we’d be battling.  Yet here we are; welcome to the new normal, folks.

“I’m very rich.” Withholds tax information. “But I trust him.”

“I’m very good at business.” History of failing businesses. “But I trust him.”

“I can defeat Isis.” Withholds his amazing plan. “But I trust him.”

“Millions of undocumented people voted against me in the election.” Offers no evidence. “But I trust him.”

“Bad people from these seven banned countries are coming to harm Americans.” Offers no evidence. “But I trust him.”

“I don’t have any contact with the Russians.” Has repeated contacts with Russians, particularly Russians in government positions. “But I trust him.”

“Obama tapped my phones.” Offers no evidence. “But I trust him.”

After looking at that list, you have to wonder. Is there anything Trump could do that would get his devoted followers to NOT trust him? If he announced that all cars must be inspected to confirm they aren’t Decepticons, would they agree to it?

The battle here is not one of politics. It’s deeper than that. It’s a battle over the concept of reality itself. Trump has demonstrated a complete lack of connection to that concept, but like all things Trump, there’s something worse he’s brought to the surface, something we can no longer deny.

A huge portion of the population doesn’t care either.