I realized after reading an article on this show in EW this weekend that it is the ONLY sitcom I watch. Literally the only one. I am not one of those “I don’t watch TV” Poindexters, either. I watch it all the time. But usually it is ghost shows or Iron Chef (you terrify me, Cat Cora) or good reality shows. Or stupid ones. Just no middle of the road ones for me! Also, I don’t count It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia as a sitcom; it is high art.

Anyway – The Big Bang Theory is about some super genius nerd physicists and their super nerdiness, and the hot girl who lives across the hall who isn’t all that hot who is friends with them but doesn’t ‘get’ them. Quite a riveting synopsis, huh? Well, there are a few other reasons why you should watch it.  I am gonna make up some of them- guess which ones!

  1. There are two people from Roseanne on it, two of the non fat ones.  Darlene (in a small part) and her old boyfrend (the star of the show, I guess).  He’s short.
  2. The tall guy with the lollipop head is funny.  I don’t know if he could play any other part than tall lollipophead nerd, but who cares?  He is funny on the show.  His name is Sheldon <– nerd name denotes nerdiness.
  3. The girl on the show, Kaley Cuoco is not really good looking, but she is pretty funny.  And she works at Cheesecake Factory on the show.  That’s actually not interesting at all…hmm.
  4. There are two nerd sidekicks.  An Indian guy who can’t talk when there are girls around and a Jewish pervert who lives with his mom.  That’s not really a stereotype, I don’t think.  Is it?
  5. There is a regular feature on the show called: where are the black people?  Where they all look at the camera and say: Not on this show!
  6. The producer has these long ass diatribes in the closing credits so if you have tivo you can waste time reading it.
  7. Watching the show qualifies you to win a million dollars.
  8. They eat Chinese food a lot.

So, there you have it.  The best endorsement I can give for the only sitcom I watch.  Also the show makes you smarter, cause I think all the geek stuff they say is true.